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Texas English Bulldogs Breeders

WB English Bulldogs has been one of the premier English bulldog breeders in Dallas, Texas offering high quality and affordable English bulldog puppies for sale since 1998. The professionalism and expertise that have distinguished WB English Bulldogs among other English bulldog breeders is found in the quality of their English bulldogs. The specialists at WB English Bulldogs are passionate about placing their best English bulldog puppies in forever homes where they will be loved and cherished. As one of the best English bulldog breeders that have set the pace with excellent customer satisfaction, WB English Bulldogs guarantees a companion that has been bred for conformation, health, and temperament always within the standards of the English bulldog breed.

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Dallas Texas

On the available puppies page, you will find a list of our English bulldog puppies for sale. The name of the puppy along with several pictures, shipping option (In Cabin Nanny), price and details will be displayed as well. Our Shipping option does not apply for customers looking for local English bulldog puppies for sale to be picked up in person and an option for a non-refundable deposits of $500 is also available in order to reserve a puppy.

WB English Bulldogs is one of the renowned local English bulldog breeders that provide a one-year limited health warranty with all of their English bulldog puppies for sale in Texas and the U.S under the terms and conditions listed on the Warranty page. Air shipping with an In Cabin Nanny is offered for $400 for those who would like their new puppy hand-delivered to a nearby airport. If you are in the market for English bulldog puppies in rare colors, we do occasionally offer puppies in colors such as black-tri English bulldog puppies, or blue English bulldog puppies.

The love that the specialists at WB English Bulldogs have for the breed drives them in their dedication to obtaining better English bulldogs every time a new litter arises; this dedication is intertwined with their commitment to find the best.

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Located in Dallas, Texas for our “pick up” customers, and now offering for your convenience safe air shipping via priority parcel to most airports in the United States.

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Dallas and Texas


As experienced and reputable breeders; WB English bulldogs understands that transportation of your English bulldog puppy is one of the most important things


As professional breeders we always strive to produce English bulldog puppies meeting the breed standards, with good conformation, and with the best possible health


A new WB English bulldog puppy is a source of cheer and warmth everywhere. The companionship of a puppy has positive psychological

What Our Adopting Families  Say…

Jessica M

Great service and adorable puppies! NINA was available and able to answer any questions we had regarding our new puppy, even after bringing him home. Breeders are very knowledgeable in their pups!

Corinne Smolizza

We purchased our puppy from WB Bulldogs back in a February. I never really thought about writing a review because I just did not think it made a difference or mattered. After having my puppy for 3 months I just had too. Whether if it’s from the vets or trainer I am constantly getting compliments on what a great breeder I selected in purchasing my dog. Winston has a great temperament and is easily socialized. I really had no experience but I knew from when I picked him up at the airport that I made the right choice in breeder. He was happy and adjusted quickly.

The customer serviced didn’t end there. They still respond quickly and answer all questions that I have about being a first time bulldog owner. So happy and so in love with my puppy.

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