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October 2018

English Bulldog Cleaning

How to clean my English bulldog wrinkles? A frequent question we get from our clients before they adopt one of our English bulldog puppies has to do with the care necessary to avoid skin infections specially between the wrinkles and tail pocket. One of the lovable characteristics of the English bulldog breed is the wrinkles they have and part of the love we give them includes cleaning between those wrinkles as well as their tail pocket to avoid any infections. A lot of our clients have told us that while doing the research on the English bulldog breed they found...

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English Bulldog Feeding

A frequent question we always receive from our clients has to do with the type of food and feeding technics we provide to our English bulldogs. It is very important to keep in mind that English bulldogs are somewhat different to most breeds, and the fact that correct feeding technics are of utmost importance during and after their full development. Your English bulldog puppy does not know anything about nutrition. He only knows what tastes good. It is up to you to know what and how to feed your buddy so he will get everything he needs to stay healthy...

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English Bulldog Behavior

English bulldog puppies do not have as many behavioral issues as many other breeds. This is why we insist English bulldogs are the best breed in the world; but by no means we are saying they can not enable a behavior that can be undesirable for the new puppy owner. The most common issue families encounter is the propensity for chewing which can be corrected by directing the puppy towards his chew toys. It can be very frustrating when you have an English bulldog that has one or more behavioral issues; but the most important thing is to remember that...

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