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February 2019

What is “Cherry Eye” in English bulldogs?

Owning an English bulldog puppy is a dream come true for many who often tell us while visiting our puppies; that they have been wanting a bulldog for years or since they were kids, but wanting a bulldog should include doing the research to confirm that in fact the English bulldog breed is the one for you and your family. While doing such research one will find that a very common issue with bulldogs is called cherry eye; but what is cherry eye? In simple words cherry eye in English bulldogs is the non medical term used to describe a...

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English Bulldog Puppy Vaccination:

After you have received your new English bulldog puppy be mindful about the importance of continuing with the vaccination process for your bulldog puppy. Puppy vaccines are of utmost importance and essential process to ensure your new English bulldog puppy’ health and to prevent any deadly infections. How do English bulldog vaccinations work? The vaccine for your new bulldog puppy is an injection with antigents of the viruses to trigger a response from the puppy’ immune system. This response is considered to be effective to protect the bulldog puppy from the viruses injected into the dog' body. This vaccines will...

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